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Getting Started

Discord Together is a python package that allows bots to create invite links to Discord's BETA feature, popularly known as VC Party Games or Voice Activities. This feature is only available by default on a small amount of hand picked servers. However, this package allows you to create invite links to such activities in your own servers! This package also has no dependencies other than aiohttp, meaning it can be used with any fork of

This project is open source, you can find the source code here.


As of the latest release, this BETA feature is only supported on web and updated PC app versions of Discord and is not supported on mobile.


with pip recommended

pip install discord-together
This will automatically install compatible versions of aiohttp which is a dependency. If you're using any fork of, you will already be having this package.

Installation Error

If you receive an error like No matching distribution found for discord-together when installing, try updating the python version! (It must be 3.6 or higher)

with git

Discord Together can be directly used from GitHub by cloning the repository into a subfolder of your project root which might be useful if you want to use the very latest version:

git clone
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