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How to upgrade

Upgrade to the latest version with:

pip install --upgrade discord-together

Show the currently installed version with:

pip show discord-together

Upgrading from 1.1.x to 1.2.x

What's new?

  • Rewrite of entire backend to support any fork of
  • Removed ActivityLink class
  • Optimized error handling

Changes to import names

The import name for the package was changed due to confusions arising with the capitalizations of the import names:

from discord_together import DiscordTogether
from discordTogether import DiscordTogether

Changes to DiscordTogether class constructor

The DiscordTogether constructor now is async, therefore, it would need to be placed in any async function. This is because the package now created it's own aiohttp session that it uses to communicate with Discord API. It is recommended to define this class within the on_ready() function of your file or in any cog.

Due to removing all dependencies, the package now requires you to input your bot's token into the constructor instead of your client instance. This is so that the API calls that the package makes are authorized under your bot's credentials.

The togetherControl class instance is now also stored as a bot variable (aka client.togetherControl) so that the instance can be used anywhere throughout your bot.

client = commands.Bot(command_prefix="~")

async def on_ready():
    client.togetherControl = await DiscordTogether("TOKEN_HERE")
client = commands.Bot(command_prefix="~")
togetherControl = DiscordTogether(client)

A minor change of using the bot variable instead of just togetherControl.

link = await client.togetherControl.create_link(, 'youtube')
link = await togetherControl.create_link(, 'youtube')
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